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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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now just the temperatures. >> it is still wet over the ocean. you can see on live doppler hd showers. it is still breezy at the higher elevations and around the bodies of water we have northeast wind at 15- to 20-miles per hour. blowing across the gonna. it is freezing inland at 30 to 47 in san francisco. through the day planner it is breezy and stun any at 50 to 52 at noon. 54 to 56. mostly sunny with the dry air at 4:00. grab a heavy coat at 7:00, 42 to 48. sue? >> problems in san rafael southbound we before lucas valley road, solo spin without in the center divide with tow truck on the scene partly blocking lane two. this is beyond the scene so you can see traffic is slowing southbound 101 toward central san rafael but it is stacked up out of novato and that is typical. we have a new accident southbound or westbound 80 near san pablo dam road stacking
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things up toward highway four which is already tough. give yourself plenty of time. go have an accident in concord south 242 before 80 cleared from the lane and it is improveing. >> it is:01. breaking news from south mechanic, dozens have been killed, crews are on the scene of a fatal bus crash in argentina, 41 police officers at least have been killed. it happened while a convoy of three buses traveled near salta, 900 miles north the >> a warning for beachgoers after an accident that forced cargo traits to walk ashore on baker beach and amy hollyfield minutes ago lend that 9 parking lot will be closed through the morning. amy is at baker beach to tell us more. >> yes, i talked to the spokesperson who said they keep
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it closed. they want to make sure it is safe. necessity want them to get the crews to cheney up the beep. they want to make sure that it is safe for people so they will reevaluate. we have pictures of what it looks like. here is the container that wash ashore. this picture was posted on twitter and of the debris. green crates all over the beach. a spokesperson for the recreational area at golden gate stayed is all the caper spill, green crates, nothing else but they want to look, just case, cleaning up yesterday afternoon and does not finish they return this morning. this happened early morning yesterday in the rough waters from the weekend storm. officials say that telephone containers washed everboard so they are still looking for those and have issued a warning to boaters to keep an cry out for
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them. no one was hurt when this happened. if you see one you are asked to call the coast guard. >> it is 6:03, sonoma county is under a code blue alert is thatten intos shelters and charities are urged to make space available for the homeless. the alert lasts for four nights. people can get the latest information on shelters in sonoma county by calling 211. the bay area is in mop-up mode after the storms and in san jose a downed tree damaged cars and took out power lanes. power was out in several areas of the city for hours with heavy of the city for hours with heavy rain causing street flooding. >> you can see and hear the sheets of rain pounding in the back yesterday in santa cruz, it was like that all over bay area because of video provided by one of our abc7 viewers.
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>> another viewer sent this, gusts shredded this canopy in martinez, dangerous driving in the sierra over the weekend, a driver posted this video on instagram of near white out conditions on the way to lake tahoe blowing snow and winds made driving treacherous. >> this is what greeted the skiers when the storm cleared. when it started to run, the skiers found plenty of snow covering the slopes and the sun came out and made for gorgeous skiing. a viewer sent this video from heavenly mount tan resort in lake tahoe showing a last fresh powder. can clear skies. perfect. >> the expected el nino storms, you should be prepared. track live doppler hd and get breaking news on the abc news europe downloading it for free and enable push alerts. >> an albany neighborhood is on edge after an attempted
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kidnapping after teen girlfriend over the weekend. show was walking alone near the intersection of we nielsen street and sonoma avenue and a man approached her. he tried to talk to her and she refused he threw her to the ground and dragged her before fleeing in a pickup. this is just the latest attempted kidnapping in area in recent months. several others have been reported in berkeley since september. at this point, police have no information that this latest case is connected. >> f.b.i. dave team has come up dry in a sent for clues in the san bernardino shooting rampage. the divers searched the lake for these days looking for computer hard drive that may have been tossed into the water by the husband and wife shooters. officials say the we investigation has yet to turn up evidence that isis knew of tashfeen malik and syed farook. they declared they actioned on behalf of isis when they killed 14 people. >> san francisco's mayor lee approval rating is dropping according to the "san francisco chronicle" a poll conducted
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shows the favorable rating plunged 43 percent among voter an 18-point drop since march. the negative ratings are now greater than favorable rating. >> some fishes are proposing a no value apporach to politicking the recycling problem. give residents larger crash cans. tons of garbage is incorrectly stuffed in the recycling bins and recycling rates have dropped warning lets have been sent to repeat offender but never issued a fine. >> the raiders so exciting, keeping lay off hockey alive at the huge upset in denver after losing for of the last five games. >> third quarter, stripping the ball and the raiders recover and turn this into a touchdown. in the 4th carr took advantage
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and gets the touchdown. how was he so wide open? the raider win 15- >> thank you is what is trending. >> it was not so go if cleveland for the 49ers. the bankrupts lost seven straight but they hammered the 49er offense and lost 24-10. they have only won one game on the road this season and are 4 4-9. >> high level hacks could be targeting twitter accounts. >> creepy. crawly. and now reason to be scared. scientists are curing the scare scientists are curing the scare of spiders.
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>> good morning, and now the coldest text inland east bay valley, frosty cold around danville and san ramon although the temperature says 33, it is 32 in alamo and low-to-mid 40s
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in brentwood and pittsburgs san jose is 39, san carlos is 33. novato is 41. vallejo is 38. san jose and 280 and 17, we will around 54 to 56 today. not worried about delays at sfo. some 60s by thursday. rain, though, in the seven-day forecast for the weekend. sue? how is the commute? >> busy. especially if you are driving on the freeway, into the toll plaza at 18 minutes. metering lights are on. to the east go have an accident. i tell tell you about that in a second. to the north, 101 headed southbound by lucas valley road before we have an accident with traffic stacked to novato southbound 101. here is the accident 80 westbound, san pablo dam road bumper-to-bumper all the way to highway 4, that will pick up until you get to golden gate field and a 20-minute delay from there. kristen and eric? >> listen up, there could be a new trend to cure people of the
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fear of spiders. researchers exposed volunteers to a spied we for two minutes and gave those a drug used to street high blood pressure and it induced am nea russia for the learned fear of spiders. they reported it lasted for at least a year after the study. researchers say this could help other anxiety disorders and pts >> starbucks is in the middle of another christmas controversy but this time the outrage could be years too late. >> plus, details on the plans for new area's eve and what you should know before heading to a you know that "wow, i'm starving" feeling? well now at subway you can "make it deluxe!" 50% more meat on any 6-inch sub for just 50¢ more, for our 50th anniversary. it's 50 for 50 on our 50th. so when you're craving that little extra... ...get to subway and make it deluxe.
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 6:15. a southern california family believes sheriff deputies should have stopped firing at a man after he hit the ground. surveillance video captured saturday's deadly confrontation in the community between l.a.p.d. deputies and robertson who was suspected of firing a handgun into the air, deputies say he refused to drop the gun and they claim that robertson continued to hold the gun after he was wounded. robertson died at scene. >> this morning twitter is warning users they may have pan targeted by foreign government hackers an unknown number of users got warnings that hackers
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tried to obtain phone numbers and e-mail addresses and i.p. addresses and it is far not clear if they got personal information. a spokesman confirmed this but declined to give details. >> another controversy is brewing at starbucks. this time it has to do the polar bear cook wees. what do you see here? what do you see? polar bear cookie. >> wearing a red scarf. >> some people are voicing outrage because to them the red scarf around the bear looks more like blood. people have been sharing and re-tweeting photos look thick on social media the problem is, the cookie has been discontinued. curing to buzzfeed starbucks has not sold the treat in years but that has not stop people from complaining. >> that looks like blood why is the polar bear smiling. >> it is what you see. but, honestly, it is discontinued for years.
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aamy hollyfield has look at blah is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up on "good morning america" terror in the whom land. president obama heading to the pentagon this morning to discuss the fight against isis. as we learn new details of how the killers in san bernardino may have slid through the cracks. we have all the latest on "good morning america" next. >> 100 people who want to bring afford average housing crisis to light in the south bay will reference a christmas tradition, housing for all community for all will demand city council action in response to the crisis drama tuesday the story of mary and joseph as they try to find shelters. they want to say it is similar to how residents feel about housing costs. abart has the schedule for new year's eve, trains will run until 3:00 a.m. on new year's day but where you can catch them varies. san francisco holds annual fireworks show on new year's eve night and bart has extra train
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on stand by to handle the crowds. go to for the schedule. schedule. it is cold out there. >> did you have to use your scraper is. >> i did. i had to open up the garage door and woke everyone up. it is cold. we have more frost couple of mornings and my van is 14 or 15 years old. and traffic is coming at us from the north at 46, so this is a milder area, and our winds are calm we are 15 at half moon bay and ten at novato, but, as we open up the weather window on mount tamalpais can you see we are gusting around 30 so south at the impending sunrise and a calmer pat develops this week if you have outdoor activities, what it is cleaning the yard or
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putting up decorations a great week after the frost thank yous during the morning hours, because it will be freezing cold inland the next two or three nights and the wet week is looking likely to get everything finished. temperatures are below average at 55 and gilroy and 54 if millbrae, san mateo is the cool spot, and less altos is 57 and everyone else is 55 to 56. daly city is 54. downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, vallejo, napa, novato, 56, the warm spots across the north bay. only 49 in lakeport. bodega bay is 52. 55 at hercules, union city, everyone else is 56 to 57 along the east bay shore and oakland is 57. and 53 to 55 inland east bay neighborhoods and lows are freezing cold from alamo to pleasanton and over to level and me canyon and napa and from petaluma to santa rosa.
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now, as we head to friday, friday evening, 7:00, going to be dry the way it looks right now but a democrat is coming in on saturday morning, and for the afternoon, and early evening, then, fingers crossed out of here by saturday evening and could leave .5" behind. my seven-day forecast shows we are stuck in the mid-to-upper 50s for highs until wednesday and increasing clouds and temperatures and even mid-60s on friday, and the next storm drops us back to the 60s on saturday and sunday. have a great day. have a great day. shear sue. highway 2 to highway 24 and an early accident on 242 before 680 with traffic stacked at 18 minutes the westbound 80 an accident is off to the right hand shoulder at an awkward position and the tow truck is blocking the lane and we are look at 18 minutes from highway
6:21 am
4 westbound to the scene of this accident in san pablo road and westbound highway 580 at in the flynn we have a stall lake tahoe blocking a lane of traffic with very, very slow from the tracy and central veal area and 45 minutes from tracy to lynch. >> teachers in politicians come together on education next the reason they are demanding changes to university of california requirements. a rescue off the coast of california and this dolphin ended up stuck in the mud. >> first, stay in the know with abc7 now checking out san mateo bridge where traffic is light. stay tuned. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather,
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and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. ♪ ♪ discover unexpected treasures, for the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. news thattives without live. >> quite a sight? san diego when a dolphin was released a day after it was saved. the dolphin was rescued on saturday after it was stuck in mud in a canal off san diego bay. sea world rescuers took the creature and made sure it was okay and released it back into
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the open ocean we. this was the second dime if a week the dolphin swam into the can that look for food. >> birds of a feather will flock together across california and the nation. it is the beginning of the 116th annual christmas bird count. the long of the running wildlife census in the world. birders spend three weekends walking around and counting birds. the data collected will be used to assess the size of bird populations and track the progress of endangered species. >> the university of california is feeling the pressure to count computer science toward a high school math requirement and is considering computer science just another elective but advocates say elevating computer science knowings more high schools to offer it and preparing students to enter feels with few women and minorities. the policy said that computer science is not mathematical enough to count as a path course. we. >> we live in a technical driven
6:26 am
world but is technology driving us to damage our bodies and our mind? aingly therapist is coining the term "eye hunt," when you hunt for your smartphone -- hunch over your iphone with the address reaching up to 60 pounds causing pan. >> neck and become problems have from liver rated in 10 years. the big driver is the use of tap lets and smartphones. >> slouchy's tear could be linked to depression and low selfs extreme. our medical contributor will have more on that part of the story on "good morning america" at 7:00. aright now, the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> clean up efforts cross the bay area, a report on the damage and what is being done to get it cleared. >> a look from mount tamalpais to the bay and you can see it is shaky up there and maybe a
6:27 am
little windy. when i crossed the bay bridge there was a wind advisory. we will check weather and news we will check weather and news and traffic for you when we
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, a look from our twin peaks camera, down toward san francisco.
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you noticed the rain, but you cannot see the temperature. >> yes, you have to feel that. >> that is right. brrr it is feeling like christmas. >> i am christian. >> i z i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> and it was hard to get out of bed this morning. a few showers over the ocean. we are waking up clear up to 2 degrees colder and still breezy along the ocean and at higher elevation. temperatures in the 30s to mid-40s and the day planner is around 52 to 54 with a lot of sunshine and below average at noon and a few high clouds, mid-50s at 4:00, and grab the heavy coat for the evening hours we are back in the mid-to-upper 40s by 7:00. we have a pretty busy commute, sue has the details. >> happy monday, everyone. if you are traveling to the east shore freeway, to the tolls it is now 21 minutes and c.h.p.
6:31 am
said this was an accident blocking a lane westbound near university and we zoomed in but we not locating the accident so we will check back with c.h.p. and maybe they changed the let on this. however, expect a lot of traffic if that is your route. there was an early accident from highway 4 westbound, 24-minute delay. a stall at north flynn and slow from the central valley again this morning. kristen? eric? >> bay area residents are cleaning up after a wild weekend storm caused damage. matt keller in san jose where some were left with no power. matt? >> what a mess from the storm. we the pile of branches is what is left behind after a tree went down on north 6th street in san jose. can you see the damage to the s.u.v. just in the wrong place at the wrong time. here is what it looked like yesterday. the tree crashed damaging several cars on the street and took out power lines. power was out in several areas of the city for hours as pg&e
6:32 am
crews worked all day to restore electricity. it the south bay wasn't the only area to see tumbling trees the mangled branches came down in the north beach district and in hayward afternoon winds pushed over the 40 year old tree that crashed into the volcano ash normally usedded to driver special needs kids to their appointments. >> my moment walked scout saw the tree come down and she heard it smash. >> standing water was a major issue. the interchange looked like a river at times. tow truck drivers were called in to rescue several stalled vehicles. we the intersection of third and castro in oakland was also flooded. the good news is pg&e is reporting few outages across the bay area including jut one outage affecting one customer here in san jose. with rains and winds, came
6:33 am
tumbling trees. the mangle branches came down in san francisco's north beach district. we we in hayward a massive tree total add transport van when it was pushed offer by the afternoon winds and no one was inside the car or nearen with it whatted. >> on i describe it best as i can, we the winds cape across the runway and about pushed us off the runway. >> he sounded so calm, but it was a scary situation. the sound of an last was airline pilots telling the control tower about wind shire scheduled to fly from oakland international to honolulu with problems taking off from the runway. >> traffic at interstate 5 not of los angeles a massive mudslide promised a 35 mile closure of north 5 through the grapevine yesterday and this was shot on the kremlin, a mud sight closed the same stretch of highway back if october. >> with the potential for more
6:34 am
storms later this week you should be prepareed, live doppler hd is showing breaking news on the abc news app downloading it for free at and inable push alerts. >> albany police are looking for the person would tried it kid than a teen girl. janet is in the newsroom with details on the frightening ordeal. >> police say the girl was walking alone on neilsen and sonoma avenue and a man tried to pull her into the truck. several people would live in the area her the girl screaming as she was fighting to get away. this happened on saturday night around 11:00. neighbors say the girl, a high school junior, police officers nearby and walking to a friend's house and two men approached her one in the driver's seat and the other next to the truck. this neighbor helped the victim and called 9-1-1. >> he approached her, grabbed her put his hand around her mouth, took her to the backgrounds and starting dragginger. the driver turned on the
6:35 am
ignition and she thought she would be stuffed in the car and struggled and got away. >> residents believe the men responsible are most likely construction worker with plummet better in the back of the white pick medium truck. it is too soon to link this case with several attempted kidnappings reported in berkeley. >> now a sent for a missing 68-year-old in a wheelchair is if news. fremont police say mario rodriguez has been found. he was recorded missing at midnight after he left his house and does not return we got great news from the best he has been found safe. >> three years ago today, a gunman armed with a semi automatic rifle walked into sandy hook elementary school in connecticut and began killing. 20 first graders were shot to death along with six educators, the most deadly mass shooting at an elementary school. the gunman killed his mother and
6:36 am
then shot himself when first responders got there. all the anniversary is marked in sacramento with a conference on preventing gun violence. the congressman who rs the we district shares the house gun violence prevention task force will host the conference. gun others, and survivors and officials will participate. >> commuters to and from east bay who travel over the richmond-san rafael have a new bus service from golden gate transit. the service will be tested for the next nine months. the bus is for commuter whose drive on 580 which is congested during the commute hours and projected to carry 220 passengers a day. the first bus takes off in emeryville at 6:30 gray hollis and 39th. the last stop is san rafael arriving at 7:30. this is important, happening today, a big vote in seattle could change how capitals like
6:37 am
uber and lyft operate, seattle could be first city in the united states to let the drivers unionize. most are considered independent contractors not employees efforts uber opposes the idea. the company believes that the seattle proposal violates federal labor laws. >> 49ers quarterback kaepernick is take on donald trump in a weekend tweet comparing the plan to ban muslims immigration to other racially motivated bans in the united states last century. saying that racism and discrimination isn't okay. we all human beings and things need to change. later, he posted a quote from real estate tired air force colonel asking americans to care about trump's push for discrimination because you could be next. he called it "food for thought." kaepernick is recovering from surgery to his left shoulder. >> the republicannal presidential candidates are preparing, and now the underring do is coming on strong, senator
6:38 am
ted cruz son the fast track in iowa running in evening and neck now, with donald trump. cruz gained 21 points since october. expect truck to be front and center during the debate with ben carson and now crazy crazy going after -- and now ted cruz going after him. >> if you are going to the post office give yourself extra time with more than 600 million pieces of mail being property to post offices around the country, a 15 percent over last year at this time. part of the reason for the increase is a surge in online holiday shopping. we today is one of the final days mail carriers can guarantee delivery by christmas. we. >> if you missed out on sales on black friday or cyber monday, don't worry, it is another chance today called green monday, the third busiest online shopping day of the year and retailers like wal-mart and macy's are offering specials and is scenely the second monday in december and falls between black friday and last minute shopping. when it is called green monday
6:39 am
you have to wonder are you surprised to shop green buying echo friendly properties or ship them in a different way? >> there is blue monday because that is how cold your skin will be. >> grab a heavier coat and sunglasses. don't worry about the umbrella. shear 280 at 17, we will let sue worry about traffic but it is slowing. i want to focus on the sunshine that is break out crass all of our neighbors, at american canyon at 31 and 32 in allah am what blow, and the grapevine has a chance of 1" snow before noon and in the 60s in southern california and 28 in lake tahoe today. you can see the snow is starting to taper. we have another chance of wet weather as we head we to sunday and monday and for activity planner at home i put "fair," really it is bustery at the coast and frosty cold.
6:40 am
better in the afternoon hours. sue? >> all right. here we go. we 80 when c.h.p. is revise the location of the accident to the toll plaza, and the accident is westbound at gilman which is right up in this area on the scene. i am not seeing emergency vehicles there yet. it does look like lane number two is potentially blocked. early stall north flynn westbound 580, that is clear the w video a new stall in the back a tractor-trailer lost the trailer westbound and an accident near the scale is cleared to the side of the roadway. >> getting busy, sue. thank you. if you are buying a lover board, you may want to think twice, when retailer is halting sales of the hover boards and celebrating if you area's eve in style the reason you may want to stay right here in the bay area for the best party.
6:41 am
for the best party. stay tuned.
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♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a wanting this morning for beach go wees and boaters in san
6:44 am
francisco. officials are tracking down 12 shipping containers near baker bee. amy hollyfield is there with what happened. amy? >> a yes, the materials that spilled are not hazardous, that is the good news, just messy. we have pictures to show you, first, i want to show you a shipping container that washed ashore, and this picture was snapped and placed on twitter, saying madison shipping can you find your missing container between china beach and baker beach. now look at this picture of what the container was carrying and now that liters the beach, with green crates that were in the container. this all happened during the rough waters from the weekend storms of cargo ship losing telephone shipping containers and we could see more debris wash ashore. there is a warning. boaters should look out. no one was hurt when this happen ed. they do think the beach will be
6:45 am
closed now the morning while they work on cleaning all of this up. they want to make sure that it is safe for public. do not plan on coming to baker beach yet. if this morning you do see any debris or containers wash ashore on any of beaches, you are encouraged to call the coast guard. happening today, season ticket holders will join the warriors players to support families in need this holiday season. it is real and will take place at the oakland mayor prosecute approximately 2,000 season ticket holders are expected to show up including coaches and players like steph curry and klay thompson, the bagged lunches they pack will be distributed to alameda community food bank and the san francisco marin food bank. >> 2015 was the worst year for i.p.o.s in six years with only 28 tech companies entering the market compared to 62 last year and 48 the year before the companies is raised less than
6:46 am
$30 billion this area through i.p.o.s and united states exchanges and half of the ten companies that have gone public this year are now trading below their i.p.o. price. >> we want do check on trading on wall street, we ended last week down and look at this, we are down, again, 25 points, 23 points, the dow is down to 17241. also, amazon is pulling hoover boards from the store pending safety reviews. we are at the nasdaq with that story and more in the money report. >> good morning, after a series of hoverboard related fires, amazon now is taking some action according to swagway amazon is starting questioning the makers and is removing some boards from the stores. some helpings to hoverboards have disappeared. amazon has not commented about those that still appear. >> whites on the other hand more than blacks even on ebay.
6:47 am
researchers looked at how the race of the seller impacted the sales of baseball cards. some postings were accompanied by a photo of a card helded by a light skinned hand and some by a dark skinned hand. the study shows that cards held by after an can american hand sold for 20 percent less than those by cause caution. >> in san francisco, the second best city in the united states to celebrate if you year's eve with a perfect combination of big club parties and off the beaten path fashion for a more alternative new year, you can check out the big one, which features flaming lips, and others and orlando is first on the list. >> now, markets this morning are quiet start. probability will be it is fed week, we have been talking about this for months starting the two day tomorrow and we will find out on wednesday what interest rates are doing. >> fed week, i thought it was
6:48 am
"star wars" week. are you seeing the post? >> i didn't, yes, yes. >> maybe when i go home to indiana my son wants do see it, maybe over christmas. >> jane king, thank you. "star wars" fan, tonight is the los angeles premiere and could be the biggest if hollywood history. >> "the force awakens" will premiere with actors in the film not sharing much but ford is giving us a taste of behalf his character is up to. >> he is certainly 30 year older. no attempt to soften that blow. the story involves some of the changes in his understanding of the world. >> "the force awakens" opens to the public on friday. disney owns the "star wars" series and is the parent again of abc7. >> eagle cried mike had an
6:49 am
interesting comment. >> no, no, no, do taught say anything that is not positive. >> it is not negative. >> okay. >> was interesting but we will talk humid the scenes later. >> will people deal with the rain on friday? >> you will not until saturday. saturday. we were talking about the new technology. it is 30 yours in the future. 35 is the cool spot in cupertino and santa clara is 33 and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 30s. and los altos in the low 40s. freezing cold in danville at 32. lafayette is 39. california oakland is 34 and everyone in the mid-40s and san francisco right new is at friend. friend in redwood city and san carlos and winds at novato at thin, and half moon bay at 15, they will stay fast along the coast account rest us calm down but for the higher elevations remaining gusty in the
6:50 am
afternoon. you can see the ten miles per hour wind and a roughness on the bay this morning from the exploritorium. cloudy and cool bratses -- breezes. tonight and tomorrow. the storm comes in this weekend. as far as our temperatures, narrow range from 55 in morgan hill to gilroy to santa clara at 57 along with santa cruz and los altos at 57 and we drop to 54 by san mateo and millbrae and 54 is popular, and sunset and warm of the place along the coast 55 at half moon bay and downtown south san francisco and 56 along with sausalito and bodega bay is 52 and 56 in novato and vallejo and napa is the warm spot across the north and 55 to 57 along the east bay shore and union city and hercules at 55 and berkeley and oakland and castro valley at 57. 53 in pittsburgh and 55 foreign -- for everyone else. freezing cold in the north bay
6:51 am
valley and san ramon valley and toward livermore and palo alto is chess at 32. we could see scattered frost. friday night we see increasing clouds and quiet for the evening. hopefully we will have a quiet saturday evening for outdoor activity in the south bay. my seven-day forecast shows stuck in the 50s through wednesday. 60s on thursday and friday. the storm brings us back into the 50s saturday and sunday. sue, it is tough out there. >> all over the map trying to get the accidents lined up. we will just do the most important ones, c.h.p. is still sticking with their story there is an accident westbound 80 near gilman and lane two and arc is starting to stack up beyond the golden gate field and then it is 31 minutes into the toll plaza. here is what that looks like stacked up back here beyond the macarthur maze for 580 bagged up to highway 24.
6:52 am
a brand new accident to report with five investigations involved, lane five in san jose northbound 280 at the and westbound at grant line. back with seven things do know before you go. >> first, remember when you see news where you live take a photo or video and share it with us #abc7now. #abc7now. we could use it
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here seven things to to before you go. number one, breaks news from south america, a first look at the scene of a fatal police bus crash in argentina. at least 41 officers on board were killed when the bus fell off a bridge near the city of salta, and that is 900 miles north of the city. >> the clean up continues after the caltrain columbia the storms. mangled branches came down in san francisco north beach and thousands were last without power. >> scattered frost inland valleys and cold conditions from the mid-30s around dublin/pleasanton and union city and hayward and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40s and from the east baileys calculate a, it is breezy in the legals and our temperatures, grab the sunglasses you the need a coat the it will feel cooler than that at 54 to 56.
6:55 am
>> four, very busy monday morning commute, the east shore freeway accident westbound at gilman lane number two, possibly cleared out of lanes now, and look for message vehicles there is and really nasty accident in san jose and this is 280, the lawrence expressway, five vehicles in lane five which is the slower lane. >> five, in albany neighborhood is on education this only after an family kidnapping of a teen girl on saturday. police say the girl was walking on neilsen street and a man tried to engage her in conversation after he threw her to the ground and grabbed her before getting away and driving away. >> officials have closed the parking lot at baker beach after a public containers from a cargo ship have washed ashore. you can see some of them here, officials want to clean them up before allowing the public in. >> a family is featured tonight on the hit holiday decorating competition, the from christmas
6:56 am
light fight, a total of $300,000 in prices is up for grabs and you can sure it with the family starting right here at 8:00 on abc7. >> how many months in advance do you think they get started? >> i heard a year. >> some them, yes. all the neighbors enjoy the lights year round? >> or something like that. >> it must cost a lot. >> we look you with a shot that sue will love: lake tahoe heaven ly and all that glorious snow.
6:57 am
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week. good morning, america. wicked weather slamming the western half of the country. >> tornado on the ground. >> tornadoes touching down. damaging dozens of homes. winds tossing these train cars. and whiteout conditions make roads hazardous. and record heat in the east. shorts to water-skiing on the great lakes. get ready for a white hot christmas. ted cruz shaking up the race for president. surging to the top in iowa. donald trump calls him a maniac. how the senator is firing back, as the candidates get set to face off. in tomorrow night's big showdown. out of control. a hot air balloon falling from the sky. getting caught in a tree. nearly crashing into homes. nervous neighbors springing into action. >> dude, seriously, let's go. >> racing to pull the balloon to a safe landing. the dramatic rescue caught on camera.


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